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poems of love & pain

I am not a poet. The poems written were all created out of true feelings and heart-felt desires. Besides, it is very obvious that the poems here are the work of an amateur. I intend to write some Myanmar poems too in future.

It is my sincere will to display them here to allow anyone freely observe and understand the delicate nature of true emotions.

  As long as it is intended only for personal use, you can download them for yourself or exhibit them on your website. I would appreciate the appearing of my name and a link to this site alongside the poem upon your utilisation.
If you have any poem you would like to display on my site, it will be my pleasure to do it for you.

Some new poems below - posted on 7 March, 1999.


Tell her please
posted on 7
March 1999
Tell her please

Oh....little birds flying in the air
     tell her please if you see her there

A traveller between love and life
     he turned his feet to way of love

The woman with a white heart
     where all his love, kept in her heart

In all days of his lonely life
     his breaths of love sweep into air

Oh....little birds flying in the air
     tell her please if you see her there

I got the inspiration to write this poem from an old Myanmar song 'Moe Set Tin Ley' sung by Hlwann Moe. I wrote it in early 1997.

A night so old
posted on 7
March 1999
A night so oldIt's new

Lying in the darkest night
     thoughts of you come into sight

It's so quiet without a sound
     the night seems tired without you around

My whisper tries to find the wind
     hoping it will reach your hearing

As again I call your name
     the weaken voice is all in pain

Watching the stars with eyes that weep
     while counting the tears in a try for sleep

A broken dream with heartfelt pain
     where no words that can explain

Tell me how to say goodbye
     to a night so old that never dies

This was written recently - at the end of 1998.

Purnishment for love
posted on 3
march 1999
punishment for loveIt's new

the night, the sky and the stars above
    standing as witness, proving my love

in this long and lonely night
     a sudden tear rush into my sight

till death touches my heart
     must not I feel your love

floating in the river of tears
     holding my heart with pain in fears

I hear my heart crying before my ears
     why punish me for loving you... Dear

I wrote this poem in the middle of one quite night while I was sitting by the window. Somewhere in February 1999.

Will you.....
posted on 3
March 1999
will you...It's new

if my love is blind
     will you grant a pair of eyes

when love fails to bright in fine
     will you brush my heart to shine

after all my tears dry
     will you lend me some to cry

before I lose my faith in smiles
     will you be there to make me try

when moments end with breaths of mine
     will you come and save in time

This one here is very weired. I can't believe myself too. I came up with the verses while I was riding my motorcycle on my way to work in a very hot sunlight at noon. Written during the last week of February 1999.

Night & Day
posted on 3
March 1999
Night & Day

In the heart of love
     Man's love is man's life

Beneath the moon, under the sun
     Night and day you are the one

Though the day breaks and stars flee away
     You will always shine in my days

You're gonna reach to the sky
     Riding my heart as you will fly

Let me bring back the joy we shared
     To pave new way for love and tender

This was written in 1997 but I modified it in February 1999 by adding in some new words. It's now much better than the previous version.

Your appearance in my life
posted on 3
March 1999
Your Appearance In My Life

She shows me where the laughter goes
     Before I lose my faith in smiles

Too deep her eyes, enriches my smiles
     Before my dreams to fade away

She led me through her garden fair
     Where all her golden pleasures grew

She shows me taste of honey well
     Where her heart is still and meld

Bewitched by her looks, fainted in her smiles
     My breath for love has ended in time

The best poem I have ever written. I wrote it the night before Christmas Eve of 1996. Well...I was a lone ranger then.


More to be listed later...



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